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Polish small horses (Polish: konik polski) living in the wild can be seen on the way from Wierzba village to Wejsuny village. They are monitored by the Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno. We were successful in meeting them, although not everyone is so lucky.

Polish small horses - koniki polskie are the only indigenous breed of horses descended directly from tarpans, i.e. horses living in the wild. As reported, the last tarpans were seen in the Białowieża Forest about 1780.

An attempt was made to recreate this breed in the 1930s. Such works have been carried out in Popielno, at the Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences for Ecological Agriculture and Conservative Animal Breeding for over 60 years. Here, the horses have 1,620 hectares of woodland near the shores of Śniardwy, Warnołty and Bełdany lakes.

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One can see them when mooring at the numerous natural landing sites on Bełdany lake. But not only here, because when driving from Wierzba (upon arrival there by ferry from Mikołajki) to Wejsuny one can also encounter the horses. This is not uncommon, although one cannot give a 100% guarantee.

Koniki polskie are friendly, but they can be intrusive in demanding goodies. It can happen that a herd will come out on to the road, halting traffic. If such situation arises one needs to be patient.

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