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Publish on 03-29-2017
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Angitia Med
Opening hours: 09.00–17.00 from Monday to Friday
Phone: +48 506 762 544
City: Pisz


Injury? Pain? Trauma? Muscle soreness? Keep it simple – fix it in ANGITIA MED.

Our physiotherapists reduce pain, are able to give you fast relief for a long time and amazing recovery of functional range of motion. No medications, no surgery, no plaster casts.

Angitia Med Physiotherapy Clinic in Pisz offers an extremely effective treatment of all common musculoskeletal conditions: low back pain and discopathy, hip pain, ankle, knee and hamstring strains, sciatica, tendinitis of the Achilles tendon, temporomandibular joint pain, shint splint, painful adhesions after surgery and scars, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and also migraines, digestive problems etc.

Our physiotherapists use highly effective methods of manual therapy, working on somatic and visceral fascia. Fascia is a web of strong and flexible connective tissue that surrounds, protects and shapes all structures in our body at every level: muscle, joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, as well as internal organs or nerves. Fascia is everywhere and it binds everything together. That is why it is crucial to focus on fascia and make a great affect on other organs throught it.

We have very good – and usually immediate – results, even in treatment of people who have been suffering from pain, swelling, postoperative adhesions or limited mobility for years, unsuccessfully trying different methods of rehabilitation.

Also Angitia provides physiotherapy courses – we teach therapists, doctors and osteopaths all over the country and Europe. As a training company we are a part of International Fascia Distortion Model Organization and a partner of the American organization Fascial Distortion Model TM.

Currently we are located in PISZ and very soon we’re going to open a new Angitia Clinic in GIŻYCKO!

Book online via or call us: +48 510 949 379 WE SPEAK ENGLISH.


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