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Publish on 03-10-2017
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Trade and Production Enterprise MARK
Phone: +48 87 428 32 71
City: Słowiańska Str. 32A, Giżycko


The idea of starting our firm wastaken from the family tradition of baking pyramidal cake. In 1990 we decided to start production, which is based on the traditional folk recipe. We went up to the succes slowly, producing and improving the technology and recipe of baking, which allowed us to lenghten the period of usefulness to eating.

For all these years, from year to year we have modernized and improved our enterprise, thanks to which we were able to bind co-operation with nets of hipermarkets in Poland. We were granted lots of prizes and distinctions for the quality of our product. At present we are on the stage of introduction of the quality system HACCP and hygiene of food.

We are glad that reaching to tradition our product is identified with our region, and refined taste of pyramidal cake is joined with beautiful Masurian country and first of all with the place of its production – Giżycko.

We are a member of the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage, which is a sign certifying the quality of traditional and innovative foods that promote the traditions of the region. Also receive a certificate Appreciate Polish and Best in Poland provide to maintain taste and tradition.

We offer our pyramidal cake in the large range of weight from 60 dkg up to 10 kg and different height from 25 to 60 cm. We produce them in different tastes, from traditional pyramidal cake to traditional cakes in icings and dredges.


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