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Dom Perkun Restaurant
Opening hours:
Mon. - Fr.: 2 pm. - 8 pm.
Sat. - Sun.: 1 pm. - 9 pm.

Phone: +48 696 860 421
City: Pierkunowo 10A, Giżycko 11-500


The “Dom Perkun” Restaurant is situated in Pierkunowo (5 km from Giżycko), on the shores of Lake Kisajno and in the immediate vicinity of the Swan’s Trail, one of the most beautiful spots on the Masurian Lakes. The view of the Kisajno islands enchants visitors all year round.

We have our own beach with direct access to water. Dom Perkun offers not only exquisite cuisine, but also a perfect place to admire nature and the beauty of the lakes.

Dishes are served based on fresh, local products, mainly veal and pork that come from animals reared in our own farm house.

The dining room is air-conditioned and can hold up to 130 guests. A spacious terrace gives onto the lake. The restaurant has been adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

We have a large car park, for coaches as well. You can also reach Dom Perkun from Giżycko by a safe bicycle path.

A separate wing of Dom Perkun houses fifteen modern and functional double rooms, which give guests the comfort of a leisurely stay by the lake.


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