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Things to do / Places

Wolf's Lair was Adolf Hitler's Eastern Front military headquarter in WWII. The complex, which be[...]

Food & Drink / Restaurants

Restaurant Łabędzi Ostrów [Swan Islet] combines exquisite cuisine with Polish hospitality. These are[...]

Things to do / Places

At the beginning of the 20th century, a 30 metre water tower was built in Giżycko. For 96 years, [...]

Things to do / Cruises

The White Fleet of Żegluga Mazurska offers cruises around the great lakes. Żegluga Mazurska is [...]

Food & Drink / Restaurants

The “Dom Perkun” Restaurant is situated in Pierkunowo (5 km from Giżycko), on the shores of Lake Kis[...]

Things to do / Safari

Masurian ZOO Safari is located in Okrągłe village between Giżycko and Orzysz, on a picturesque, hill[...]