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Things to do / Cruises

The White Fleet of Żegluga Mazurska offers cruises around the great lakes. "Żegluga Mazurska" i[...]

Things to do / Places

The Hochwald Complex was built for Heinrich Himmler, the SS, Gestapo and the Police Chief. This is t[...]

Things to do / Yacht Charter

We are yacht charter company in Masuria providing best services since 1994! We cordially invite y[...]

Things to do / Sky Adventure

A sightseeing motor glider flight is an unforgettable experience that offers magnificent views. Anyo[...]

Things to do / Clubs

A two-track, automatic bowling alley is located in the basement of the 14th century castle, the St B[...]

Things to do / Places

Swięta Lipka is located about 15 kilometers west from Ketrzyn. It lies between two lakes Wirowe and[...]